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Getting in a car accident is a driver’s worst nightmare. To have the other driver take off without concern for you or your passengers is even more frightening. Many drivers struggle with what to do next when they’re involved in a hit-and-run car accident. Who can they file a claim for damages against? How do they prove it?


The first step every victim should take is to call a West Palm Beach lawyer. An expert attorney can help you build a case to maximize your compensation and guide you through the legal process.

What is considered a hit-and-run accident?

Generally speaking, a hit-and-run is a car accident where the perpetrator leaves the scene without stopping to identify themselves, exchange information, or offer assistance to the victims. In Florida, this includes hitting a parked vehicle, even if there is no one inside the vehicle at the time of the collision.


Failing to leave contact information on a parked car is the same as not stopping to identify yourself after an accident with another driver.


The only scenario where it may be acceptable to leave the scene of an accident without identifying yourself is if you are going to get cellphone service to call for help. However, even in this scenario, you must return to the accident scene as soon as you have done so.

What is considered a hit-and-run accident?

As leading West Palm Beach hit-and-run accident lawyers, we work tirelessly to build your case, review evidence, and show that your injuries are a result of someone else’s negligence.


Your suffering should not be exacerbated by financial ruin. Hire our expert team. We will fight to ensure that you get the compensation you need so you can heal without worry.


Our team is available for free case evaluations with no obligation. Call us to discuss a plan for your case. We will help you figure out your next steps and show you the support that we offer all of our clients. Call today. We are here to assist you.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it is imperative that you surround yourself with the best legal care as soon as possible.

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    What To Do in a Hit and Run Accident

    After a hit-and-run car accident, you may be confused as to what to do next. Since there is no other driver to exchange information with, many steps of a traditional car accident process do not apply.


    Our expert team of hit-and-run car accident lawyers in West Palm Beach recommends following this checklist:


    • Do not chase after the person who hit your car.
    • Attempt to write down their license plate number if you are able.
    • Check if anyone has been injured in the accident.
    • Call 911 – in Florida, you are legally required to report any automobile accident.
    • Get a copy of the police report.
    • Take notes. Write down when and where the accident happened, along with any other details you noticed about the other driver.
    • Take pictures of the damage to your car and any injuries.
    • Check for witnesses. Get their accounts and their contact information.
    • Inform your insurance company of the hit-and-run.
    • Seek medical attention, even if you don’t think you’re hurt.
    • Call a car accident lawyer who specializes in hit-and-run collisions.

    How To Prove a Hit-and-Run Accident

    It is important to prove who is liable for the hit-and-run accident. Although Florida is a no-fault car accident state, meaning that your injuries will likely be paid for out of your personal injury protection through your own insurance, there are still property damages to be paid. 


    To get reimbursed for the damage to your vehicle you need to know who caused the accident so you can sue them for damages.


    To find the person who hit your car and fled, follow these steps:


    • Write down all of the car details you remember after they flee the scene, including color, make, model, license plate number, and description of the driver. 
    • Find eyewitnesses who saw the scene and get their account of the car and driver.
    • Share this information with the police so they can begin an investigation.

    What insurance covers a hit-and-run accident?

    If you can find the person responsible for your hit-and-run accident, they will be liable to pay for your damages out of their property damage liability insurance.


    If you cannot find the other driver, you still have some means of getting coverage:


    • Personal injury protection is a required insurance add-on in Florida that covers up to $10,000 of medical coverage to pay for any injuries you had during your hit and run
    • Uninsured motorist coverage helps pay if the at-fault driver did not have insurance. You can typically apply this coverage to a hit-and-run accident where the other driver was not found.
    • Collision coverage, which usually covers property damage regardless of who is at fault. However, you will have to pay the deductible.
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    Who pays in a hit-and-run accident?

    Florida is a no-fault car accident state. This means that your insurance coverage will pay for your personal injuries. This is a part of mandatory policies in West Palm Beach.


    However, if your medical bills exceed $10,000 and you have property damage to pay for, you will need to seek damages from the other driver’s insurance company. This can be done by filing a legal claim with West Palm Beach Hit-And-Run Car Accident Lawyers. Call us today for a free consultation.

    Can you sue for a hit-and-run accident?

    In short, yes, you can sue for a hit-and-run accident in Florida. While your personal injury protection covers some medical bills, it only covers basic care. It does not include your non-economic damages or property damage.


    You can hold the other driver accountable by filing a lawsuit for compensation.

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